Hit curb bent strut

hit curb bent strut I know the rotors are in good shape and the wheel is the same when I got it. did you spin out and hit the curb, or were you just reversing fast lol? Hello guys. 34 1 6. The tubular steel construction of a MacPherson strut makes it quite stiff and strong but not invulnerable. 2017 Mustang GT 31 Jan 2017 So the other night I slid through a turn at about 10mph maybe 15mph and hit the curb with my Right Front tire. Can't tell. strut (original was bent) and its still sitting outwards, it seems like an alignment wouldnt fix the problem as the positive camber is huge, i am about to purchase a replacement hub, hit curb hard, wheel not sitting straight now [Archive] - Toyota MR2 Message Board Once home, I removed both the front wheels and the drivers side lower control arm (one with the strut attached) is clearly bent compared to the straight one on the other side. I hit a pothole in my car and it did the same exact thing with the whacking noise. If your frame is bent it can affect the suspension and alignment which will cause uneven tire wear. ” But whether the damage is obvious or not, the problem needs reversing. 82 months. Where the curb hit it busted the radiator mount and popped a hole in the radiator. 17 Jun 2009 Hey all, I was cut off on a narrow street today, and to avoid getting hit by underbody damage of all kinds, busted strut, bent upper strut mount,  19 Jan 2008 In doing so to I slapped the curb on the passenger side, hitting it at around pushed into the wheel arch, as a result of a bent wishbone. They only aligned the vehicle and gave me the below chart. . Now my right front tire is diplaced towards the rear - at least it looks that way from the fact that it is almost 2 inches closer to the rear than the left wheel. Ive not had a great month with my A3. So it could be a combination of bad alignment and struts I'm thinking. but i talked to a friend who mentioned i might have actually bent the wheel its self. Misalignment is another typical wheel problem that causes your steering wheel to shake. If it rubs all the time only when you turn a corner it's probably one of the afore Feb 19, 2019 · I hit a curb just wrong while turning at 15mph. Oct 31, 2017 · Strut/Strut Mount. Depending on how the wheel was hit, will depend on how extensive the damage could be. They are regular 100 ones. Apr 02, 2018 · Something's clearly bent, and it's going to be difficult to tell what it is without being able to compare known good parts with bad parts. In the neighborhood of 3 - 3,500. The steering wheel being off-center tells me you bent the steering rack outer arm. Hit the curb from a angle at about 5-10mph. You car is new and its OEM weights so yea. On a MacPherson or Chapman strut suspensions, the steering axis pivot is the centre point of the top pivot bearing and the centre of the lower ball joint. i have no experience with this type of thing so i would really like some Fourth image is strut with bellows dust boot. I hit a curb at night going about 45-50 mph. If you bent a half shaft you would have horrible vibrations. RF wheel (bent): $200 to get a refurbished one RF lower control arm (bent): $450 front struts (RF one is leaking, but recommended to have both front struts replaced: $550. And, if the sub-frame is bent, that's not an out-of-this-world project, either. Because that's the next weakest link in the suspension, with a hit to the curb. Common Problems After a Car Hits a Curb If the strut and tie rods are bent I would strongly suspect there are some other parts bent also; notably the lower control arm. On a MacPherson strut type suspension, a line runs through the lower ball joint and upper strut mount or bearing plate. I've hit a curb before and it resulted in Bent strut, damaged wheel hub, rashed wheel (not bent). front driver wheel 2. i am an ASE Master Collision Technician and also have my ASE in steering/suspension. A bent strut, putting full weight on the other struts or shock absorbers, is a safety hazard that may not have any clear symptoms. Oct 15, 2020 · 5. Every vehicle has a  Ok – So you bumped or hit the curb, slid & blasted through a snow bank or skidded damaged tire (broken steel belts or bubbles in the sidewall) or a bent rim. When removing a coil spring from a strut, some spring tension should be left on the upper strut mount before loosening the strut rod nut. Give Your Vehicle a Quick Inspection. 70-60ft 24" slicks AGP 50 Trim - No track time - 420hp on 22psi Sep 30, 2013 · I hit a bump/curb getting off the highway the other day and, now, the front driver's side tire is leaning on the strut. Wheel turned almost fully to the right. The front right wheel took the impact. The alignment was so off, probably 40 degrees off. You problay damaged the whole strut assembly. It can damage your tire’s sidewall or belts. front wheel directly parallel to the curb. Most likely to be a bent track rod or wishbone (wishbone more likely as generally the steering shifts on impact whereas the chassis doesn’t). 2018 EB Fastback Premium w/PP , 1994 Cobra Coupe SVT build #13 If you blow through a pothole or climb over a curb or two, your alignment can get out of whack. Nov 15, 2020 · My son hit a curb on a angle going fairly fast and broke his cv axle and damaged the lower control arm, bent the strut, etc. Air is leaking from the wheel rim. Im sure im missing a few things cause i pretty much had to replace the entire suspension on that one wheel. the guy at pomps said it could be a bent lower control arm without even taking the tire offmy sister had an accident a Jan 06, 2017 · Your chief concern should be the suspension pickup points. i was being retarded and driving like an idiot in the rain and slid and hit the curb. Most likely when you hit the rim you may have also could have bent the tie rod? That would also messed up the alignment and the pull to the right even with the steering wheel straight. Could also be a bent spindle shaft or bearings and race could be bad. Any input would be great. Now my alignment is off in the drivers tire but I can't figure Jul 02, 2019 · 5 Things to Check if You Hit a Curb - Duration: 4:14. Steering feels normal at medium and high speeds 9. The strut is, in a way, the car’s upper control arm as it holds everything together. It mad terrible noises, however I got everything fixed myself and cost me about 400 bucks (it was a rare VW so everything is expensive) Me personally, I would jack up the car, lock the steering wheel and check the ball joints and tie arm joint make May 12, 2015 · So as a rookie, I accidentally bumped my rear passenger wheel on the curb while making a right turn at around 10-15 MPH. I got OWNED. The wheel is now touch the inside of the wheel well. In your case, smacking the curb could bend the wheel just enough to cause the wobbling, and if you happened to hit a pothole or bump just right it could have bent it more to cause it to bump the strut. The strut on the other side is perfectly fine and shouldn ^^ this is true. front tire is The a- arms are mounted to the sub-frame while the struts mount to the uni-body. Waiting on the full run down. Hit a wet/icy spot going about 15-20mph and the left front tire hit a curb this weekend. ball joints. If you feel a slow shake, it’s likely that your wheel was bent to the point it can’t drive straight. While driving the anit-lock brake light comes on and off and I can feel the system working (a buzzing/vibration). If this occurs, addressing the issue as soon as possible is crucial to avoid flat tires and blowouts. Apr 21, 2008 · Hit a log, mangled my prop. What  4 Mar 2019 What to Look For: If you hit a curb or pothole, pull over carefully and assess the damage to make sure you can safely continue to drive. It could be a broken spring or control arm. Is strut bent, or is prop supposed to be angled to the right? Frickin' logs! Oct 10, 2016 · Struck a curb or hit a deep pothole at full speed? You may have bent a wheel or rim, affecting tire’s tight seal on said wheel or rim. The result was pretty extreme negative camber (which i found stance) and a fair bit of toe in. Mar 30, 2011 · Sounds like you may have bent your tire rods,the arm or the axel. There is no spindle in the front of the car. The fact that your front suspension feels really hard could very well be a bent strut, but not necessarily. If camber is off on one side only, a close encounter with a pothole or curb may have bent a spindle, control arm or strut. Try rotating the tires so both the new ones are either on the front or rear. Any other ideas of what might be causing such an extreme camber that i cant see? Ive read  front passenger side took the hit and the wheel had excessive If the passenger side strut had bent, the driver side wheel wouldn't have  8 Dec 2010 Long story short i hit a curb on the weekend. Oct 05, 2016 · It can happen, l once bent a front strut by hitting a snow covered curb but was going like 35-40mph. Could even be the strut. the thing with the boot on it is the inner tie rod, coming out of the rack. I drove it the day after and i heard a grinding noise coming fron the right front wheel, it sounds almost like a really loud tire. a really flat low curb. Thinking that maybe the opposite tire could help us I started the car up and put it into drive. The car drives strait when the steering wheel is in this position, but it is bumpy. at first the alloy seemed fine but did notice later that If camber is off on one side only, a close encounter with a pothole or curb may have bent a spindle, control arm or strut. Cue the “gulp. When I replaced the tire/rim, I noticed the tire was much closer to the back wheelwell (not as much spacing as the other tires). I hit it with the front drivers side tire at around 20mph. No rack leaks or sounds at any RPM 8. My tires were pretty badin fact, I had an appointment today for new Uniroyal Tiger Paw Tourings. A bulge on the tire sidewall. I was doing around 12 mph, and the tire blew, the rim bent, the - Subframe -Front sway bar -Front struts -Tie Rod -Ball Joint -CV Axle This morning I hit a square curb at about 10-12MPH (don't ask, me being It could be bent control arm, tie rod, strut, frame or all above it will  29 Dec 2012 Can't tell if the strut/knuckle is bent but it could be. Damaged strut bearings, a broken strut, or worn shock absorbers could be the culprits. 18 Dec 2016 5 Things to Check if you Hit a Curb. Do you have a digital camera? Uneven tire wear. Cost me $400 for the cheapest struts repaired at the cheapest shop in town. Check the strut tower for distortion - see DIYs for mushrooming. The front suspension is composed of many different parts and damaging any of those can mean the difference between staying safe and driving towards danger. Last winter in a storm I clipped a curb hidden under the snow. If you feel a fast, vibrating shimmy, hitting the bump may have knocked your vehicle’s weight off, and now a tire is out of balance. I removed the cv axle and lowered it onto a wheel dolly to push into the garage. These bolts have sheared off and left the strut detached at the bottom. A shift in the position of a strut tower can cause the same thing. In this video I show real life damage from sliding on the snow and ice into a curb and show what to check for damage. I feel like burning my car. No abnormal noises from suspension or while I steer. If you bent the LCA, it could have taken out your strut too. it seems like all the  6 Oct 2014 Usually the strut OR control arm get bent (depending on impact) and not both. 2017 Altima Sr Wheel Hub Impact Damage. I had it and blew out the rear struts. So a few weeks ago I hit a curb really hard with my right front wheel, destroying the wheel and bending the subframe. See what's bent. Saturday 12th May 2018 I verified that the strut wasn't bent by using a straight edge. and then i bought the sub frame from the same place for about 100. Jan 23, 2015 · Gotta disagree with some of these answers. 5 Apr 2014 my son hit a curb pretty hard avoiding hitting another driver. There’s visible damage to a shock or strut, including dents, cuts or leaks. Car still drove straight without vibration, but the steering wheel was about 30 degrees to right. I rear ened (low speed) a merc 3 weeks ago resulting in damage to Jan 15, 2015 · Re: I f'd up, hit a curb - need advice Post by louisjack23 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:46 am I don't get how some people can own these cars and not use Sports+, it's easily the best mode for the car and still has a huge safety net which I can find interfering at times. Is this a broken strut? I just want to know if there are other possible causes for this before I go and buy a new shock assembly for no reason. I did exactly this, but hit a tire wall at 70mph, which pushed the tire back into the fender well. Jun 03, 2007 · u hit a curb and well honestly. I hit a curb and the K member shifted from it's proper position. I never heard of wheel weights get kicked off from a bump on the curb unless the guys who put it on are retards. The strut tower bends and moves with the control arm during normal operation. I would estimate that I was going 20-30 mph. And sooner, not later. Jan 15, 2008 · What bends first from hitting curb I recently slid into a curb rear passenger side first followed by front going about 15 maybe 20mph while playing in the snow. Alignment shop should be able to identify the bent part(s). My question is do you guys th Rear passenger wheel hit curb while making a right turn - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum Maybe a bad motor mount is in play too? I also know the struts are more then likely old as the car and the previous owner hit a curb. ____ 15. Feb 20, 2010 · I hit it at 10 o'clock, metaphorically speaking, driver's side, not dead on. If you have alloy rims, you’ll see this right away. the rim was fine, amazingly, but the tire was trashed, the fender arch was bent, and i bent the spindle on the strut. But it was a straight fit on my 24yr old Mk1!! Tires: When your tires hit a pothole, their sidewalls may bulge. :censor: I found an assembly on eBay. i feel like maybe i bent something. The strut’s hardened shaft may bend, causing alignment issues, steering concerns, and an ill-tempered suspension. Judging from the description, it was a fairly hard hit. It somewhat depends on how fast and AT what angle the wheel when it hit. You should have the wheel, strut, lower  16 Feb 2010 I was in 2nd gear at low RPMs and made my left, but slid into a curb hitting my front passnger wheel which got Damaged control arm, and a slightly bent rod in the tie rod ass. after checking if everyone was ok i stepped out to assess the damage, the body was intact, but both right side wheels tires were literally mangled and resting almost under the car. The alloy rim shattered around the sidewall where the bead of the tire was but it was miraculously holding air. If the side of the wheel smacked the curb hard, it'd very likely the control arm was bent, possibly along with the tie rod, especially if the wheel hit the curb at an angle (did the steering wheel jerk out of your hands?). I turned into the curb with my drivers tire hard enough to bust out the side wall by the rim. The bottom of the tire seems to be more "in" than the top, so I'll start with the tie rod  A hard hit against a curb or deep pothole can bend the strut housing or shaft, causing the wheel to go out of camber and/or caster alignment. :angry2: The back end came out, but it was balanced. No big deal just once though. Will know about others when they get it down. I hit a curb with my front right tire. Jan 12, 2010 · Re: Hit Curb We just bought a 95' SL2 that had the same thing happen, according to the owner they were going 20-25MPH when they slid and smacked the pass. I also read somewhere that after hitting a curb hard, the caster should be out of spec. But now my steering wheel sits at about 7 minutes past. Also the shock mount is bent. Personally I hit a curb in my old car, and I bent the axel and the lower control arm was bent. 4,878 posts. , with reliability, ease and economy. Let me know when you hit a curb, that has some checking to do if you hit above 5mph. But seems best here to just replace both and know you're done  I asked if I replace the strut with coilovers would fix the problem, he said maybe. The lower control arm is strong enough to support the vehicle but in an impact its designed to give way as to save damage from the unibody and other suspension components. That’s a car part, not an instruction! Front struts are the main suspension components which absorb impact from potholes. Serious damage? Well about 3 weeks ago I hit a curb going 40+mph and damaged my driver side wheels. Not cheaply. If the passenger side strut had bent, the driver side wheel wouldn't have moved. Hows it going, basically guy ran a red light and i hit a curb avoiding him going around 30. Jun 17, 2009 · might have damaged your strut towers, or possibly your sway bar, either way from what your saying, it sounds bad enough that you probably shouldnt drive it. preferably with a laser  26 May 2003 Hit curb on right front wheel. I took some pics to give you any idea of whats going on. You said the strut wasn't bent. Jun 28, 2018 · A major problem resulting from hitting the curb is throwing your car’s suspension out of alignment. But what if it's the lower arm or subframe that's bent!? After the  27 Nov 2008 HELP:::: Bent Tein Coilover (Basic) Driver Side Strut Suspension. i made the turn but made it way too wide and my front wheel hit the curb doing approx 15-20 mph. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. ____ 13. Hit a curb in the rain. I've replaced the strut and control arm and tire is still rubbing on backside of fender lip. 14 Dec 2019 My guess is, bent tie rod or control arm on the side that hit the curb. But it still has positive camber. Jul 04, 2016 · I recently hit a curb, front right wheel is pushed back slightly, possible bent front suspension, need help diagnose the bent component to restore to factory condition. 6 Signs You May Need New Shocks or Struts. Oct 27, 2004 · Test drove my 88 LX last night down some dark road and was making a left turn in a very narrow cauldasack went into turn to fast and the car just understeered. You might be able to turn the steering wheel all the way to the right or left and look under the car and see it. Replacing your rim is also essential if yours has been bent, and if you have uneven tire treads or sidewall punctures, you’ll need new tires. What else could it be? i have a 90 crx si, i hit a curb at an angle and it bent the front passenger LCA to where it bowed it backwards a couple his springs and broke the strut tower housing, the strut physically went up so high it ripped the metal that holds the strut a  22 Oct 2019 I was turning to park parallel against a curb and hit the curb while my wheel that got bent are: tension strut, wishbone (LCA), tie rod, and strut. Could be tracking knocked out Wishbones bent Subframe bent or something else. Dec 14, 2019 · My guess is, bent tie rod or control arm on the side that hit the curb. A hard hit against a curb or deep pothole can bend the strut housing or shaft, causing the wheel to go out of camber and/or caster alignment. Well, my SUV has only 42000 miles on it, and it has NOT been in an accident or hit a curb hard enough. but the Jan 29, 2006 · possibly your rear strut assembly is bent. i may have bent the strut itself, but i never looked, because the spindle itself was bent. 2006 dodge stratus hit curb now tire is pushed back You may have bent the rim, bent or broken the Control arm, bent the tie rod, or strut. This will lead to uneven tire wear in as little as 200 miles. I was hoping I just knocked the alignment out, but the tire shop says that I bent the subframe slightly. $199. On a track, caster will affect dynamic camber (more caster means more camber is added/removed as the wheel turns with the steering) in ways that can change how the car feels at the limit, but on the street you're just not hitting that level where it matters. I did it to my old vovlo 440 and managed to bend the subframe, strut and wishbone. In doing so to I slapped the curb on the passenger side, hitting it at around 15~20 mph, the idiot in a van drove off as soon as he realised what he has done! The car was rendered undriveable, with the passenger side wheel being pushed into the wheel arch, as a result of a bent wishbone. I replaced both the control arm and tie rod end with new parts, toe fixed. You may also notice  I've hit a curb before and it resulted in Bent strut, damaged wheel hub, rashed wheel (not bent). But it pulls to the left (away from hit side). When I hit the curb, my car didn't turn off. Got out and saw that my wheel now has a good amount of negative camber while the other side is perfectly flush. Lately I noticed (after I replaced the subframe and had the wheels aligned) that going over bumps produces a loud clunk. my sister has hit curbs going faster than that and nothing happened No i was making a slow turn in 2nd gear was going so slow i had to press my clutch in and then i just slid up on the curb and drove off and it was (you know that bumping kind of sound you get from a flat) but both tires i full of air and the pressure is good. Example 1. Depending on the angle and severity of the hit, it is pretty easy to deform the unibody by placing crash forces on the suspension components. I have also seen struts bend. It regulates the steering’s directional control. what next? - posted in MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora: So I had a knock with a curb, damage toll is so far a smashed alloy, slightly bent steering arm and the steering wheel is not central anymore (assuming this is because of the steering arm) gonna get a new wheel and get it tracked, what else should I be on the lockout for? Aug 14, 2018 · Why: With each Kansas City pothole and curb you hit, your alignment is altered ever so slightly. slow speeds I hit a curb at about 25 mph and now the left front wheel sets back and rubs on the wheel well and pulls to the right when I drive it at all. i cant pin point which wheel it is. This leaves the shock tower and strut top mount as the more likely suspects. I aligned it but I can't get the camber, caster, axle offset, setback, SAI, Included Jan 27, 2015 · Hit the curb with the drivers front wheel at a 45 degree angle or so The alloy took a good hit at the edge After the hit the steering wheel was out of alignment and pointed to the right to keep the car straight Next day took the car to Modern Tyre's to get the wheels aligned i hit a curb pretty hard and it was bent inwards like you say but mine was very noticeable FM E3 47lb-12. Yep, tie rod end or maybe even a bent A-arm or some similar structural suspension piece like that. Jul 12, 2015 · In almost all cases similar to yours, the weakest part of the suspension takes a beating in an impact such as yours and that would be the strut tube (shock absorber assembly). A shift in the position of a strut tower can   You'll notice a flat tire or bent rim right away. I plan on taking it apart again and maybe taking it to another shop but any kind of input would be highly appreciated. He said one of the bolts on the right rear pulled out of the strut, and the tire was folded underneath the car. On the way to work this morning, I was just about to get on the entrance ramp to the highway when a lady came into my lane. My car to drive strait, the wheel is canted to the right about 20 degrees. This can result in the formation of a very small mark on the surfaces. Its actually a design implementation. I verified that the hub (what the tire bolts onto) wasn't bent because it doesn't wobble when the wheel rotates. Would you please advise me if the alignment measurements is good? Ok well i recently hit a curb on the driver side pretty hard, i bought a new lower control arm and put it in, 2 new shocks and struts, and had it aligned, and now it cuts to the left harder than when i was driving it home after the hit what else could i need to replace? BTW: The whole driver side hit, front and back tires were flattend Oct 15, 2020 · Hitting a curb at 60 mph would do a lot of damage even if just a wheel hit. Bumping a curb when parking can bend a strut. [2015 Chevy Spark]  i have a 90 crx si, i hit a curb at an angle and it bent the front passenger LCA to springs and broke the strut tower housing, the strut physically went up so high it  4 May 2011 The strut tower mount does not appear to be bent. Just hope I didn't bend anything and it's just the alignment. Struts bend pretty easy, control arm possibly. One rim bent, driver's side front that hit first. Hard curb hit. 30 Dec 2016 You should also take note of how your car steers after you've crashed into a curb. What else could it be? 16 Jan 2013 Going about 45mph, I hit a curb on the passenger side which broke the front Other components are also probably bent: shock, lower arm, hub, to the strut tower (the metal structural piece that the top of the strut studs goes  A hard hit against a curb or deep pothole can bend the strut housing or shaft, causing the wheel to go out of camber and/or caster alignment. My question is how can I determine whether or not I have bent my spindle? Jan 05, 2009 · The Monday Morning Mechanic shows how hitting a pothole or curb can lead to broken shocks and struts and misaligned wheels. So they may of not had it completely corrected. Alignment is completely out of wack. Mine is within spec, so what's this mean for me? I already replaced the steering  Could anyone help diagnose which is bent in my suspension? Strut, control arms , the knuckle or whatever it maybe? I know it's hard to fig out without a visual of the car, but maybe some experts can chime in? If it helps, immediately after the  14 Dec 2010 Problems/Service/Repairs - Wife hit curb- now something's bent - My wife was on a trip to MI a couple of months I'm looking at a bent strut, steering knuckle, lower control arm, and possibly some other power steering related  6 Jan 2017 Although the CV axle on the side that was hit, particularly the CV joints, could have been damaged in the collision, the damage you are seeing is more likely due to the control arm, strut, and steering knuckle getting pushed  29 Oct 2016 You most likely bent the wheel spindle or strut [https://www. Oct 24, 2002 · Ok, a friend of mine with a '00 2. Swapped it out in the driveway. Since then also had back shocks Oct 20, 2014 · If you do it often though, you will eventually have issues with your shocks/struts. That wheel sat all the way back in the wheel well, and rubbed. What worries me is the passenger side rear tire. Weakened struts are always susceptible to bending. A pothole strike can damage your shocks or struts, or harm your suspension. i was selling my truck to a friend under a purchase contract. If you are comfortable wrenching on a car and have a torque wrench you should get the wheel off and check that the main suspension bits are still torqued to spec. Front right wheel, low speed & at an angle. Now I thought i blew the tire and bent the wheel. His A-arm was bent and he destroyed the tie rod end. Is you rim straight? To hit something with that much force you might have more damage then just those two parts. Add to Cart. So long story short i hit a curb with my front passenger wheel, at about 20mph. I took my vehicle to an auto pair, and surprisingly they told me that nothing is bent or damaged. hit a curb at 30 bent control arm, knuckle, spindle, balljoint, strut rod but my rim was perfect . Straight into the side of it. Watch for a crease at the bottom of the strut tube or any kind of distortion sticking around from the bolts. It was black ice. The axle will need replaced. he defaulted and i took it back. The Struts, as robust as they are, absorb most of the impact when hitting a curb. I'll learn about what it does. A car with MacPherson Strut suspension has the following camber readings: RH = -1° LH = +1°10' OE spec = +1° "The upright strut is fixed to the bridge top and bottom with a series of bolts. I have also seen the front frame rails bend. He bought 4 new rims and 4 new tires. Caster, camber and toe can all be affected. As I attempted to slowly turn right, the car slid a few feet and the front left tire banged into the curb pretty hard with my steering wheel turned about 45 degrees to the 2 years ago I hit a curb and blew a tire and bent a rim. Just take your car back to them and say 'you recently performed an alignment on my vehicle and the wheel is off center'. if you really bent your steering wheel, you were going much faster than 5mph. All of the suspension components pertaining to the front wheel. The only thing left that I can conclude is that the steering knuckle got bent when it hit the curb. and the curb just hit the frame itself and bent it but it didnt mess ok so i was driving today on my lunch break and for some reason i had a short attention lapse when i was making a left turn. Jun 25, 2016 · So I drive a 96' legacy outback, and on a rainy day I found myself going a bit sideways, and I hit a curb at about 15-20 or so mph, right on my back right wheel. Extreme forces are put onto the balls or rollers and races of the bearing when a driver hits a pothole or curb hard enough. Select your area of the world to view products and services available: Bent rim sign #3: Something doesn’t look right. Sprt Dampeners + Alu-Kreuz + CR-15 Upper Strut Brace + Apikol Diff Mount + 034  17 May 2009 The big hunk of cast iron at the bottom of the strut tube, that the wheel I hit the curb too hard once on an icy road and bent the control arm. and it hurt. I'm guessing you're gonna need tie rods for that side too. If the impact bent the rim, the steering wheel would wobble back and forth. But if you hit a small, three inch curb going only five miles per hour, then you might not have any damage at all. I can't tell what part is bent. [Pictures] General discussion forum about the 240sx, and a great place to introduce yourself to the board! Post Reply . Tripp Member. The good thing is that a new control arm isn't outrageously expensive. I Dec 12, 2014 · The car hit the curb sideways at around 50 - 70 KHM (ouch). Feb 13, 2018 · According to my dealer, my car needs the front left strut replaced after my sister borrowed my car and hit a curb. I think they are all related. Apr 09, 2011 · Hit a wet/icy spot going about 15-20mph and the left front tire hit a curb this weekend. However, there is a bad vibration in the front, especially when I turn the wheel to the right, even slightly. She started backing up, then put in in gear and drove off!! I got her tag number, and called SCHP. if it touched the wheel, had anything to do with the wheel. That wouldn't be   4 Jan 2013 I've read anything from bent control arm to bent strut. I also had it in track-mode, which allowed a lot of suspension roll when I hit. The car jumped up on the sidewalk. The strut is bent and twisted at the point GT3 does it also on the road after hitting a curb ! Is that a 991 GT3? v8ksn. Brother Buck! :angry4: I hit a bucking curb when trying to make a light. 1,000 miles or more later, these components will start making noise. I don’t believe this car has camber adjustment and I’ve been told I could have bent my strut which sucks because I just replaced them and put the car on lowering springs. If the steering is off center and the car pulls at low speeds you most likely have bent steering parts. Although looking closer at your pics, I think you have a shifted subframe AND a bent strut on your passenger side (the bent strut would be why the tire is sticking out past the fender flare). Now, i took it to the mechanic and he said that everything looks good, nothing is bent, but i still hear that noise and it gets louder when i go Hey i hit a curb because of a reckless drunk driver behind me there is no body damage just rims are scuffed and im planning on getting them fixed and powdercoated. Turns correctly and drives, and I took a picture on my phone and the axle appears to be the only thing that looks different on the affected side compared to the other side. You hit right rear wheel and now to drive straight ahead the steering wheel is pointed left? If that is the case, then you likely bent something in the rear suspension. could this be due to the  10 Oct 2018 Tomorrow will be spent lifting the car, and replacing a tie-rod end, and checking to see if the strut is damaged, or if anything else needs fixing. 21 Dec 2016 if it changed something bent. Jan 31, 2017 · Jack it up and pull the wheel off. I tried to react to the way the car used to handle with out the sway bar, by trying to control it. ____ 16. alignment: $90 I heard the wheel could be straightened out for ~$100. 20mins of fun ended up in 3 weeks worth of work and over $1000 labor done by myself and my father. I fucked up. strut the parts should be under $500 and a very straightfrwd install. I guess I slid into the damned thing at around 10 mph or so. It'd be a shame to start butchering it from standard. You can buy a whole assembly of the strut, upper and lower A arms (heard it called a knee before) from a junk yard. What A bent strut rod usually can be identified as being bent by looking at the front radius rod bushing. luckily my FRS buddy had 2 spare brand new FRS rims so i slapped them on there. If your vehicle hits a deep, dreaded divot in the road, steering system misalignment to a full-on tire puncture or bent rims may follow. Golf Cart Rear Top Strut (80" Red Hawk Roof Tops) For Club Car, EZ-GO, Yamaha. Since we are talking about the REAR of the car, it won't take much of a bend, less than 1-2 degrees, to cause a problem. Hitting a deep pothole at a high rate of speed can lead to bent rims. Sudden changes in alignment don't happen magically. I hit it with the back side of the wheel so i've got some major curb rash now and i'm needing a major allignment done. If the wheel was turned and the face of the rim hit the curb squarely, I'd bet dollars to donuts the tie rod is shot. About a minute from my house. Replace any of the worn parts and the shocks. So i was driving my 2003 in the rain and ended up hitting a curb at about to get a aftermarket top plate to use at the top of the strut to give it caster adjustment. The rim rests on the outer edge of your tire and maintains the air seal between your tire and your wheel. Dec 03, 2010 · miss. You can check for a bad strut by pushing down on each corner of the car. 22 @111(15psi 310hp) 1. Maybe for the person that hit the curb ! unsprung. If the alignment is altered by more than half a degree can cause steering pull or uneven tire wear. 4* postive camber and caster is all off. # Step 5 Jul 06, 2016 · July 6, 2016 - Unless you scored a direct hit that damaged the wheel structurally, the 'curb rash' you caused probably can be fixed and the wheel restored. Long story short, the wheel is bent inward and looks like it is on an angle and my steering wheel shakes the faster I drive. This caused a minimum of a bent control arm and tie rod end. Had an alignment, they said it was ok after that. the front bumper ripped off some mounting holes but will be ok. The strut tower and everything attached to it will need replaced. Now when i drive, the steering wheel is stuck turned to the right at about 2 o' clock. Do I need to replace both struts? Or just the damaged strut? It is similar to this question and this question, but the difference is this was not caused by normal wear-and-tear. wrong. Some places will do it for free. Front end felt fine on the way home except it pulls to the right. 95. And the wheel was ok, but It seemed like it would fall off. The car was still pulling badly to the right and made a terrible road noise so we started off with the poor mans alignment check (with a tape measure) and it was pigeon Jan 07, 2004 · I was driving in my townhome parking lot travelling aprox 3 miles an hour with the slightest dusting of snow on the ground. you can see if it is damaged by comparing it to the other side of the vehicle. briansmobile1 1994 SATURN BENT STRUT plus poppy stops by TEMPORARY REPAIR How I Fixed a Bent Knuckle on my Honda Civic Probably the most serious damage that can happen from a curb hit is the misalignment of your car’s suspension. All I had to do was let go of the wheel and hit the gas to straighten it out. Sucks man! You'll have to take the wheel off and do some inspecting. If the rear also hit, again also check the linkage on that side for any damages. The control arm mounting locations could be distorted. The left front wheel is definitely bent inwards and sits far back. When I took it off I saw that it was rubbing on something as the tire steal was hanning off. I hit a lurb, not a curb or a lump but a mixture of the two. I also have to wonder if the strut tower or subframe is tweaked. You can see it looks slanted and it appears the passenger side wheel got wedged up against the curb. I finally got around fixing everything and when I took it to the tire shop, they told me that I have bent front and read struts. i took it to GG dealership in cali and it cost me 1200 including Jul 10, 2008 · Hey all, I hit a curb a while back in the rain. A blown strut will show evidence of structural damage. If you hit a large pothole straight on, a strut may not be able to take the force. A worn shock absorber or strut may increase braking distance. Bellows boot obscures it, but there is a chance the strut shaft is bent. Even if the damage that is caused by the accident seems to be above the wheels of the car or seems to be minimal, the frame may have shifted slightly and severely weakened the struts. But none of that stuff is super hard to replace yourself. I was doing around 12 mph, and the tire blew, the rim bent, the sway bar link broke, and the control arm is seemingly moved back. For instance, if you live in a location with a lot of snow and ice on the ground, then the roads are going to be difficult to maintain traction on. No one else has  28 Jun 2018 A major problem resulting from hitting the curb is throwing your car's suspension out of alignment. This damage is called Brinelling. Therefore, the automobile will pull to the right side. Since then I replaced the rim and tire and put 2 new struts on. by saw that a couple of the control arms were bent, one of the struts was bent, the wheel was damaged If your strut-rod AND your inner tie-rod are bent you've probably got a car that's seen a curb, really hard. If it is difficult to steer, you may have bent the suspension. Sometimes fixing the problem can be as simple as inflating an underinflated tire or by rotating the tires. camber, no luck. I’ll get right to it, I curbed my car. 4,696 posts. Oct 13, 2013 · Hit a curb going about 10-15mph, which ended up popping the front driver-side tire, which broke the rim as the van dropped. A shift in the position of a crossmember, on the other hand, will usually change camber on both sides. Control arm bent, from the looks of it other pieces are closer together when comparing to the passenger side. My daughter hit a curb going at least 35, it bent the steel wheel beyond repair and the I'm sure the tire is shot. WE HAVE A WINNER! MUCH MUCH WORSE than it looks. Tie Rods are the connection between your steering system and the wheels. The rim and hub need to be checked for damage and the vehicle needs to be put on an alignment rack and carefully checked. This would have to be caused by a collision or the mother of all potholes or curb strikes. Once i got the wheel off i inspected it and saw the wheel lip was bent on the inside, thus bumping the strut. , and my strut look tilted. The shop aligned it as best they could and my stock strut tower is pushed  25 Mar 2014 Thread: Car slid and hit the curb - Suspension damage! underneath to take a look whats bent/broken, maybe even remove the belly pan. Could I have bent anything, or is this more or less just an alignment issue that Dec 09, 2014 · 99 Chevy Malibu I slid into a curb when the road was icy and the wheel is now sitting on a pretty significant angle. Nov 14, 2015 · A bent strut should have shown up on the alignment rack; not able to get camber back in spec. Then maybe it can be fixed. A 5MPH curb bump should not have bent any suspension parts, so you should be alright. Jun 25, 2020 · If the road conditions are too severe, your traction control system may not be able to handle it. Increased swaying or bouncing on uneven roads may also be a symptom of this kind of suspension problem. i guess sometime last august he somehow side swiped a curb in the front right tire. Potential other parts need replaced. I have a car that is 7 years old and unfortunately hit a curb which bent the front strut on the drivers side. Tire rod fixing may be up to 200 bucks. Maybe It's Just a Tire Issue. civics still use a macpherson strut or did they go back to double wishbone ??? Hello everyone. Most likely you bent the lower rear control arms, strut and maybe your wheel. Dec 29, 2014 · Potential issues from hitting a curb: Hitting a curb even going as slow as 5-10 mph can have a major impact on the performance of your tires. The flexible brake line will need replaced. Will know more when it's alignment time, could be lots more obviously. Scuffed the rim. Got a new bumper, put my stock wheels on, bent a tie rod and replaced all that my self tie rod on both ends. of course the TPMS sensor light is on too, but it is the other two lights i am worried about. Unistrut trolleys, feature corrosion-free stainless wheel bearings and steel or acetyl wheels that require no lubricaiton; they deliver built-in value and dependability for a wide range of applications. I Hit a Curb in My Celica and I bent My Control Arm, Knuckle and ovaled the hole in the Sub frame. how messed up is that. If you suddenly slammed the brakes and the car hit a curb, a pothole or a tree with a jerk, it may disturb the suspension system of the steering wheel, and the car may start steering to one direction. Cradle swap isn  23 Jul 2010 Took it to my local trusted small shop and they dont see anything bent. Searching on the forums, it looks like poor alignment could cause these errors on the iDrive. During visual inspection, symptoms will include broken or missing strut tower plate nuts or bolts, a disconnected or broken upper or lower shock mount connection or a bent, broken or jammed coil-over spring. I hit a curb dead on at ~10mph in my 2008 bmw 335xi. Over time, that misalignment results in the “crooked pull” of a steering wheel. caster/cam indicator tab bent (SEE PIC) 6. b4 my classic i had a 90 crx si. If the rear also hit, again Could be you bent a front strut. If I recall  16 Jan 2003 if your friend had a good handle on the wheel when he hit the pinion gear inside yur rack (power steering housing) woulda locked up and the tie rod couda bent or the tie rod ends coulda been damaged. But as mentioned l would first take it in and have it inspected/alignment checked. Just a few I can think of are the rim, tire, control arms, struts and brakes, abs components, lines etc. I was going around 10mph when I started to slide. Pothole damage to your shocks and struts can be especially subtle at first. Here are some types of pothole damage and how you can tell if that’s what ails you. it popped both tires and bent the front rim. Mar 09, 2011 · This is probably the result of damage to the suspension. we replaced all that and i took it into the shop for an alignment. they usually bend when hit hard, but if the wheel is pushed back i would deff say lca, tension rod, x member, strut, strut tower, wheel bearing etc without looking at it, or at least a good pic its tough to know. There's also a decent chance the rim is bent; if you put the car in the air, swap that rim/tire onto the other side and spin it, the answer should be obvious. This will lead to uneven tire If the impact bent the rim, the steering wheel would wobble back and forth. SKU: TOP-0101. According to the measurement, the backward tilt is considered positive (+) while the forward tilt is negative (-). Driver side, lower control arm. the front right going in was at 3. Jun 16, 2007 · I hit a curb (2002 mini cooper) while trying to take a corner too fast. The rear doors still operate as normal and the rear hatch just scrapes the tail lamp just a bit but seems normal otherwise. on one corner i hit a curb, after i did that when i would turn right i could feel the wheel rubbing on something and then when i drove it to the shop it was always rubbing. I bought the car to the bmw dealership they fixed my alignment and suggested me to fix other problems and gave me a 5--6k quote Jan 14, 2014 · You have a bent strut and steering knuckle. Either way, now your vehicle’s parts are out of sync. This  22 Oct 2019 I was turning to park parallel against a curb and hit the curb while my wheel was turned full right towards the curb, going only a couple miles Possible things that got bent are: tension strut, wishbone (LCA), tie rod, and strut. Nov 05, 2015 · Im going to say the lower control arm is bent and this is VERY common in curb impacts. When I hit it with my front wheels I didn’t understand what happened at that moment and I didn’t brake, so my car rolled forward and over the curb. If you are keeping up with your tire rotations and still experiencing uneven tire wear it might be a sign that the frame is bent. I'd guess you'll need a new cradle, control arm, ball joint, and a wheel at least. It fixed the wobbling but was somewhat still pulling to the right but not as bad. After hitting a pothole, check for any of the following signs of pothole damage. 21 Aug 2017 On my quest to learn expensive lessons I hit a curb on Saturday Both control arms need replacing, one snapped, the other is bent, 2007 130i LE - BMWP Exhaust, Strut Brace, Air Filter, Short Shift kit and Handbrake. A shop estimated my repairs at 1700 dollars. 9 Nov 2018 (Wheel is bent) NA/NB Suspension/Handling/Brakes mods. $300+ in labor for something I see people doing in 30 minutes on YouTube seems like dealer gouging I'm about half minded about trying to do it i have, however, had my own contact with a curb. If I recall correctly the strut was about $95 and the hub/wheel bearing was $230. I do know multiple cases of people hitting kerbs at its usually the belt inside the tire that gets bent, from hitting a curb or rocks if the rim of the tire itself is bent you cannot reseat the tire on the rim you will have a slow leak its like Hit curb now there's noise! Post by oragex » 25 Jan 2020, 21:20 Depending how bad it hit, the strut may also bent at the lower portion, so give it a look (I've seen this once). Prop shaft appears straight (I turned it and saw no oscillation), but the strut appears to be angled slightly right of the rudder when viewed from boat rear. If a car hit a curb with the right front wheel and bent the control arm back, this would cause a negative caster setting. Oct 15, 2018 · When you are fixing a bent wheel, you have to work on three angles – caster, camber, and toe. My nephew hit a curb at less than half that speed with his 1990 Carolla and it was totaled. Oct 07, 2019 · While it’s pretty obvious if your tire is blown or your wheel rim is heavily bent, other damage might not be so readily apparent. Hit a curb or 2 in ur life? well the citis flex quite a bit (thats what the brace stops) so after a while they can become a bif deformed. He ran and i didnt want to claim on insurance. Bent struts. On a related note, my wife did ~£3k damage to the suspension and front sub frame of my EP3 Civic by sliding into a kerb at about 10mph, bouncing off and Mar 09, 2011 · Ok, so a couple weeks back I hit a curb. I could tell immediately something got slightly bent. A frame shop should be able to check it out and tell you what if anything is bent - if it's off that much, something is either not mated properly or is bent. FYI, I was doing about 30-35 MPH when I hit the curb. I hit a curb and it bent my tire. needless to say. Seeing as you bent the control arm, a good chance the strut is bent. FITS Club Car DS Golf Cart Leaf Spring Jul 10, 2008 · Hey all, I hit a curb a while back in the rain. My son hit a curb on the front right side and blew the tire out and took out a chunk of the rim (he must have hit the curb pretty hard). Remove the spring compressor. 26 Feb 2014 hit a curb, now have noise from that wheel. I hit with an angle and with 25-30 Miles per hour speed. I brought the vehicle in the hit. They are asking about $550 for it. 143 months. So right after I drove to the nearby ford dealer where they checked the underbody. We tried to fit one on my buddies 05 life and it was like 2 cm out. Hey guys, I was turning in a parking lot the other night and smoked a high curb, dumbass move, don't even know how I did it honestly. the problems i got out of it the strut , n the steering all look fine not bent at all. What do you  Even if you feel the tire acting wonky, it could just be that you bend the rim or the tire went out of balance. Strut failure is gradual and sometimes hard to detect. Edit: This is probably wrong. Update April 30 Dec 20, 2011 · jack it up pull the wheel off and start checking all your pieces, pull on the strut, pull back and forth on the tie rod, try to move the control arm back and forth and up and down and see what is loose. 6 Jan 2019 driver hitting a pothole or curb, pay attention to the suspension components, such as the control arm and strut, as one of them may be bent. the rim is bent and the alignment is way out of wack. sounds like you hit that curb good. Rough estimate, it may cost up to 500 dollars, depending on which happened. Other local alignment shop hasn't fixed it after to numerous attempts. In fact, misalignment is considered the number one cause of a steering wheel issue. Oct 20, 2014 · If you do it often though, you will eventually have issues with your shocks/struts. It was a size of a speed bump. My question is how can I determine whether or not I have bent my spindle? The tubular steel construction of a MacPherson strut makes it quite stiff and strong but not invulnerable. What damage could have happened? Control arm, strut? I just took it to a mechanic and I'm waiting for an estimate. Does it look bent? Give everything a visual inspection. But such damage can grow into very big, costly, and potentially dangerous issues. The front wheels are pointed/towed out significantly. Cliff Notes- Hit a curb leaving parking spot with front driver tire only. If the radius rod bushing looks angled, or twisted, then the rod is bent. at first the will have saved anything else but you could potentially be looking at strut,  4 Sep 2017 Sadly we hit some inclement weather in a roundabout and hit the curb, please see Something is probably bent/broken on that rear suspension as well. Warranty will not pay for damage like this. ____ 14. Hit a curb last night at about 10mph and the front right wheel hit directly on the side and took about 100% of the impact. I hit a curb very hard with my right front tire and it bent something and made it un drivable. Nov 11, 2013 | 2006 Dodge Stratus Feb 15, 2017 · However, a sudden and violent curb strike can cause tie rods to become bent and ineffectual, which leads to inconsistent steering ability and excessive tire wear. LilDrunkenSmurf. With the steering You’ll notice a flat tire or bent rim right away. As a result, the affected part is visibly bent away from the tire, breaking the flush seal. FITS Club Car DS Golf Cart Leaf Spring I had the exact samething happen to me but i hit the curb going about 70 haha (dont ask) i had to get my hub/bearing (its on piece) strut, control arm, and new springs. 10. Pothole damage to your shocks and struts   31 Jul 2019 In the grand scheme of things, bumping the curb with your car shouldn't result in too much damage depending on how fast you were traveling. They want to try replacing the steering knuckle followed by the wheel bearing and if it comes to, the strut and link. Reduced rear curb riding height may cause damaged rear strikeout bumpers. It blow any tires out, or bend a rim from what I can tell, just some pretty serious curb rash. 95 $59. Need a new one. the rim and tire itself. I was turning around in a parking lot, and I hit a curb with the front, passenger side tire. I hit a curb on my way to work and my wheel, tire, lower control arm, ball joint, strut, steering nuckle all ****ed up. broke the wheel, lower control arm, strut mount, and bent the shock. I called a salvage yard and bought the knuckle with all the control arms for about 160. From the way it sounds you bent the wheel. A bent rim can be obvious to the trained eye. Fi 8 Jul 2017 I wanted an alignment due to the uneven wear, but they said they could not do one due to this bent strut. Some other problems, however, might take you a little longer to identify. I blew my fron and back tires and bent my front rim. If the strut tower didn't twist it's mounting points. 28 Oct 2010 Here's the story, hit a curb at just the right angle to bend and break the alloy front I ended up taking it to the Smart dealer, strut was bent too! 7 Dec 2013 I was turning around in a parking lot, and I hit a curb with the front, passenger side tire. The only thing I know of that shifts both wheels like that is the subframe. but i would look into So I’ve hit and drove over a curb today doing about 3-5 mph. On the surface the drivers side tie rod is severely bent so the alignment is off. Dec 07, 2017 · The car seems to have been hit square in the driver side quarter panel. I have thus far replaced the lower control arm, tie rod, stabilizer linkage, axle, rim, tire, and had an alignment done. Tire is fine and so is wheel, but there is this grinding noise when i turn my wheel i figure i am rubbing hard, well i am but i am also rubbing the back side lip of my wheel against the shock Mar 04, 2014 · If your shocks and struts are bad, when you hit the gas pedal, the momentum of the vehicle will be transferred to the rear end, which will cause the front end to rise slightly into the air and Nov 2, 2020 - The Unistrut trolley system moves equipment from 10 to 600 lbs. the Jul 15, 2016 · On the other hand, if the wheel is bent, dented, cracked or structurally weakened from hitting a massive pothole, running over a steep curb or some other mishap, it may need to be replaced, though Jun 02, 2009 · Lay the parts of the strut out in order so you know how to reassemble it: upper bracket, spring pad, collar, upper bushing, cup, bump rubber, dust cover and coil spring. If the strut shock is bent, you would probably see leakage at the top seal &/or some stickiness and noise as the shock is exercised through its travel. Nissan couldn't fix it found bent driver side tie rod end. The car was still pulling badly to the right and made a terrible road noise so we started off with the poor mans alignment check (with a tape measure) and it was pigeon Jul 27, 2017 · Steering wheel not straight after hitting curb Heavy impact while hitting something during the drive can cause the wheels to get misaligned. Pushing the top strut in could have bent the top of the shock tower. Since then I replaced the subframe and the control arm on the damaged side, but not the strut. Dec 27, 2019 · How to hit a curb when you are sliding on the ice in Denver. If the force of the hit bent the lower control arm I wouldn't be surprised if the strut also got damaged. Right rear passenger wheel hit a curb going about 25-30 through a twisty/windy parking lot and not paying enough attention Realized I have a problem today when I tried to mount some oversized AT tires and right rear was rubbing on the strut tower, almost ruined a brand new tire. So I replaced everything that looked bent, trailing arm, and lateral links, wheel and all associated bolts. Looks normal. Rust can build up on the wheel, preventing a tight seal with the tire. Also, is NTB's "platinum allignment" worth anything or should I go to a pedders dealer here in Dallas. The wheel is severely bent inwards on top. it was done with. 3 Jan 2017 It can also result in a rim that's bent to a point where the wheel is out of true and may have to be discarded and replaced. yourmechanic. The same thing was happening on the other Jan 06, 2015 · On many modern cars with strut-type suspension, it's not even really adjustable at all. what did i mess up? tire still holds air, wheel weight is toast, but i'm hoping it's just a bent wheel, else could i have messed up? drive shaft, hub, lower suspension arm, struts etc. Perhaps the previous owner hit a curb and bent the engine cradle. I took my car into the shop and they told me they My son hit a curb on the front right side and blew the tire out and took out a chunk of the rim (he must have hit the curb pretty hard). It also can vary depending on the vehicles construction. Luckily this was around the corner from my house and I was able to wobble my way around the corner, where I could jack it up and hit a curb a couple years ago in my car and just been driving it no issues and alignment was still good, when i went to get tires on they said the struts were busted and couldnt put the tires on, went to my dealership they said struts are good axels bent, still got new tires and ----er drives like a dream imo Ok well 2 years ago i hit a curb somewhat fast which bent my rims/put me out of alignment. (fml) Just hit a curb Tripp Nov 11, 2012. personally, I would take it to a body shop with the ability to measure the frame. My daughter ran her w-body Lumina up on a curb, and I got a junk yard sub-frame for 200 bucks. Bent strut Bent lower chassis arm Slight twist in shell - i think it needed put on a jig. Any damage to the tie rods can severely inhibit your The increased movements allowed by the broken strut may also increase the strain on the steering system and cause it to become damaged. I'd imagine that the suspension would be damaged to the point that the truck wasn't driveable. Caster – refers to the forward or backward tilting of the top of the steering axis. Luckily I was able to turn at the last second and only went over it with my front passenger side wheel. A buddy of mine hit a curb in his car pretty hard about two years ago. I avoided her, but hit the curb at about 20mph. Reassemble the struts, and torque the new self-locking nut to 16 ft-lb. Also, suspension and steering system components are typically mounted close to each other. It is VERY noticable/obvious just looking at the car from the front. Even a minor impact may knock your vehicle out of alignment. What do you think I - Cars & Trucks question spindle or strut So a few weeks ago I hit a curb really hard with my right front wheel, destroying the wheel and bending the subframe. 15 Mar 2020 Another common reason to replace struts is after hitting a major pothole, curb or after an accident. If a strut is damaged, it will no longer be able to mitigate the bouncing of the corresponding spring. Now the car sways when your driving and go left Golf Cart Rear Top Strut (80" Red Hawk Roof Tops) For Club Car, EZ-GO, Yamaha. Obviously your alignment is f-ed up, have it checked out asap. It cracked the rim, bent a tie rod, and I guess bent a strut (I think that is what the tech said. what next? - posted in MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora: So I had a knock with a curb, damage toll is so far a smashed alloy, slightly bent steering arm and the steering wheel is not central anymore (assuming this is because of the steering arm) gonna get a new wheel and get it tracked, what else should I be on the lockout for? Jan 06, 2012 · it was snowing so a friend and i went drifting. The spot on the subframe that the K-member bolted to was bent, and they put the car on a frame machine while they fixed it. I put the spare on, and if you turn right with any degree of severity, the spare rubs on the inside of the well. 18 May 2016 So I hit a curb going 60mph with my 335xi 2008. ^^ this is true. traffic, hit a curb about 25 mph, bent the rim. I asked about the tie rod he looked at the list and said NO TIE ROD. If you hit the curb hard enough to have that much damage the wheel bearing will start making noise in several hundred miles form the ding the bearings put in the races. Whether or not it bent the actual frame or subframe and mainframe  5 Nov 2013 I hit a curb hard trying to avoid an accident and my strut tower is shot, torn from the frame and bent. if they ask what took you so long to bring it back say 'I've been too busy, etc'. Incident : I hit the curb on the passenger side of the front and rear tires at 5-10mph, strong enough to crack the front right tire sidewall and caused a bump on the OEM Dunlop Nov 19, 2016 · Hit a storm drain in my patriot the other day. Is that a good idea or I better off getting a refurbished one? If camber is off on one side only, a close encounter with a pothole or curb may have bent a spindle, control arm or strut. Your tire may also have suffered damage to the sidewall that could lead to a possibly dangerous blowout. If you have ABS brakes you'll probably need a new wheel speed sensor too. usually when you hit a curb, the things that are most likely to break or bend are - steering tie rod - control arm - wheel - ball joint then slightly less likely (depends on angle of contact, speed, rustiness of your car) - hub/knuckle - axle - strut Dec 27, 2010 · Well, I hit a curb a couple weeks back and did some damage to the drivers side front wheel and suspension. 5 cm moved closer to tire well compared to front passenger wheel (I suspect this is caused by bent LCA) (SEE PIC) 7. Control arm and something with the steering. 26 May 2003 Hit curb on right front wheel. These can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, tires that wear much faster I hit a curb dead on at ~10mph in my 2008 bmw 335xi. I did that once Friday was icy here and my daughter (doing a good job of avoiding other cars/etc. Hi, i hit a curb the other night with my front right tire, i was going about 5 or 10 MPH and apparently nothing happend. Since you need to replace the bent arms, you might as well pick up some adjustable ones from rage-tek or dcr. 5 RS missed a shift (hit second instead of 4th) spun and slid sideways into a curb a week or two ago in the rain. Dec 15, 2009 · Probably a tie rod, but there's a good chance you bent the lower control arm as well. I dealt with it for a couple of months till i got new wheels thinking it would fix the wobbling/constant leaning to the right. Must have been going around 20-30 mph. When a strut breaks, the strut itself may strike and damage steering components. Control arms and bushings appear fine and rest of suspension at first look appears undamaged. Apr 04, 2020 · After hitting a pothole or curb it is important to get a wheel alignment, which also determines if a strut is bent. Monday 15th August 2016 I blew front struts, bent front struts, broke TCA's, etc, but Strut. Feb 26, 2013 · I swerved to miss something and it was hit the huge box, a car, or the curb, so i chose the curb. But noooo. Tore the wheel up and set it back a few inches to where it's running into the back wheel well. When i park the car and straiten the wheel out On the way to work this morning, I was just about to get on the entrance ramp to the highway when a lady came into my lane. 12-06-2006, 07:58 PM. I did all the work myself I ended up having to buy a new axle though because I failed to correctly remove the axle nut. I agree with the others, your vibration very well could be bent wheels. Anyway by the sounds of it you hit that curb very hard and it's almost a certaintly that you bent something which could include - the control arm, the hub, tie rod end, and rim. Since you've not mentioned any such symptoms a bent shock seems unlikely too. If the steering axis inclination is different from side to side, it will Oct 05, 2016 · It can happen, l once bent a front strut by hitting a snow covered curb but was going like 35-40mph. Solutions: A proper wheel alignment is recommended after hitting a curb, as well as once or twice every year. I did all the work myself :) I ended up having to buy a new axle though because I failed to correctly remove the axle nut. She pulled in behind me, and I stopped to check the damage. Something broke. Tire wear damage is possible in as little as 200 miles after a curb impact. Check the lower control arm (with ball joint), and tie rod. Feb 09, 2010 · today i was turning onto a street off a main road and I overturned and smashed into a curb. com/ services/strut-assembly-replacement] causing the top of the wheel to bend in toward the strut spring. Replace the wheel bearing while at it. that looks like a very hard hit to the curbdamm one thing that you need to check is to see if there is any damage to the strut tower (the metal structural piece that the top of the strut studs goes through). Besides, its hard to imagine how one could bend a shock with damaging something else too. ) apparantly slammed the right front wheel into a curb really hard. impact was enough to crack front rotor as well. The car vibrates when I get on the highway. I highly doubt you bent the strut tower. Oct 02, 2013 · Other things Ive read is the strut being bad, the lower strut bar shifting in its bearings, or the frame being bent which I hope didnt happen. Now last week I was on the high way and my front tire blew. Tire Rims: On most vehicles today, the rims are aluminum–based and, therefore, susceptible to dents. I put on the donut and drove home. If you look at the first photo, the left hand arrow is sitting on top of the outer CV boot/joint. wheel was nearly under the car. Apr 03, 2017 · If you are driving a car at 50 mph and hit a curb that was higher than six inches, you are most likely to some serious damage to the front end. your strut tower itself  I additionally saw that the tire was bent in a "positive chamber" fashion due to hitting the curb. In any of these cases, the strut might be bent,  If camber is off on one side only, a close encounter with a pothole or curb may have bent a spindle, control arm or strut. hit curb bent strut

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